WET DREAMS. (45‘20) couleurs

(excerpts from WET DREAMS )
On taking the road you are actually feeling something like the Pygmalion experiment. You already have some ideas of whats waiting for you. But living the experiment of the reality is something like exchanging a warm kiss with Galathea. At least for a moment she has a chance to act of her own initiative…
Pygmalion is an old coyooottteeee on the piste , trailing lots of different Galatheas at the same time.
I dont know when it came, but for long now I have realized that the fiction in TV is not more true or falsh than what is supposed to be live­report, a scientific demonstration… or whats hapening in the room were that TV is on. I can zap from any of those "vraisemblances" to another wi thout any feeling of scaling difficulties.
Nationalism tends to be the basic way of thinking. Youv to be cautious with these stereotyped fenomenons of identities.
Quite a few guys at the bar. The reason is plain to see: the 2 bar keepers are witty girls . One of them is not a real beauty but generous wi th her breast giving you a worm welcome since they are not much covered.
Peggy was nerved a bite and pretending to be a lady as she notice that one of the girl giving the cofe was smiling to me.
If I look at the map and pick up the names ponctuating our trail , I can feel some special rythme , music , beeing a part of the picture we enjoyed beeing in the middle of .
Truckee- Verdi - Reno - Steamboat - Virginia City - Silver City - Dayton - Silver spring - Fallon - Frenchman - Cold spring - Austin - Eureka - Moab - nead Horse Point - Needles - Monticello - Mexican Hat - Monument Valley - Kayenta - Rock Point - Window rock - Gallup - San Rafael - Acoma - Albuquerque - Los Alamos - Santa Fe - Apache Creek - Tombstone - Tucson - Casa Grande - Phoenix - Sedona - Flagstaff - Grand Canyon - Boulder City - Las Vegas - Mojabe - Canal Street - Washington square -Metropolitan Museum - Cafe Roma - Cape May - Annapolis - Atlantic City …
By- the way , why WET DREAMS ? You know in french we have a terrible and stupid way to express this situation : "pollution nocturne". dreadfull  pseudoscientific language in the glove of church morality. Shit.
If humanity is ever reaching a certain state of dignity, it will be in spite of religions and certain politics that built themselves on people weakness  despair and ignorance. Same with fascisms.
That Oxford dictionnary of quotations is filled with so many bullshit ; it takes me more and more time to select anything of any use. Would it only be a Jock 20th degree…
It did not take long before I had the stricking revelation that American Art is at least as boring as religion. A lot of heavy artefacts dedi cated to it in huge wide temples. But the whole affair for nothîng if you dont believe in it…
Streets are so much richer , why bother to go in a contemporary art Musuem.
You know how Peggy can wet a whole bed-sheet at cinema. You know when the violins starts hmmnmmmiiing , her lacrimal glands are pissing like mad. She gets out of the cinema with eyes as big as a frog, nose as red as a fire-craker and the face twice as big , soaked like a croissant falled in the café au lait. A sight !
Its sunny this morning. But cold. Not really what you would enjoy at the end of May. Remember how hot it was in Berlin in May.
Did you hear about this : "Texans wreck library for hidden $ 100 ". In the Times of april 9. 94. The promotion was intended to "get people to think about when was the last time they went to the library". The crowd tore thousands of books from the shelves, tipped over the stacks, broke book spines and ripped up volumes as they hunted for the money.
" Dont you take a dum dick for a duck .
Something like having a cafe stretto in one of these cafe-cbapels in Roma were people are queing just for these 3 zips of black bitter liquid staining the tiny cups you can bardly hold between 2 fingers. What a sip ! Thats stereo café ! mit niveau !
Some people are just stupidly confused also by the prejudiced concept they bave about art , what art should be… anyway far away from anything connected to daily life. Which is too bad since I keep thinking that art should be integrated to daily art /life as a very part of it.
Except that very ordinary situations, on the road or in the motel , can provok trouble-som feelings one might take pleasure in dealing with, aside from basic instinct.
Crossing the desert is like leaving the possible words in suspension and nourishing yourself with their silence.
I dont know if we were running away. It might have been a part of it The landscape was fugitive. Then again the fotografic moments broke this unspoken rule to install its own… print. Fix it for ever… moments.
Like a DonJuan swallowing places one after the other; but never shure you had it all as you are leaving. Not shure you want to have it all. After all why not leave something valuable for the next time.
Who would not like the perspective of a next time ? Speaking of pleasure.
The sky was the limit.
I know that the notion of the "foreigner" is a cultural lazyness since the first foreigner is your neighbour , when not a very member of your own family, or yourself.
Hating your own heritage is also a common fact which makes it even easier to report this self-hatred to the first symbol of foreignity.
I tell you wat. This morning a crew came to film some action by Porsch. 4 men in the crew + one blond leggy girl taking care of the coffeees and moving from here to there so that evrybody has time to appreciate her nice long legs in black stockings. They all had talky-walkies and spoke american.
By moonlight on a cold night, Coyote pissed on a dead cactus by the river. The cactus fell in the river and started to swim and came back to coyote. Coyote recognized it as Racccooone. Since then Racoone and Coyoo teee are on the piste.
The Cow taken by surprise jumped off the pond and landed on 4 legs, her mammals full of milk. Evry night the coyote had to trace her to suck his milk.
Pissing one day in direction of the moon, with the help of the racoonee banging her tail at high speed , they projected the urine high in the space where drops became the stars. She is the one at night fall to polish the stars until they shine. Crystal drops. Peggy Perfect. This is also how we got the "milky-way" since the coyote just had to follow the stars to get to the cow… on the piste again.
I telyuwat: The porsches are allgone with the cap and long legs. The artist is still engraving moon traces on the pavement.
Nationalism and puritanism are coming back and can easily drawn the ever fragil subtility of democratic exercices that have to be invented evry day . There exist no democratie taken for granted like nationalism or fascism are.
Arts only legitimity is beeing a desperate gesture of survival.
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